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iPhone vs Xbox 360 in Greatest Gadget Grand Final

The final week of voting in our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament has begun. The two finalists? The Apple iPhone and Microsoft's Xbox 360. Which deserves your vote?

This is it, folks: the Grand Final of our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament, the week in which two tech titans of the last ten years go head to head to determine which deserves to reign supreme. The two finalists desperate for your votes? The Apple iPhone and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

These two potential champions have defeated 30 rival gadgets between them, blazing a trail towards victory and leaving heavyweights such as Sky+HD, the Nintendo Wii and the iPad smouldering in their magma-hot wake.

The iPhone needs no introduction -- the most iconic phone ever built, and arguably the most important, ushering in the smart phone revolution. We love it to bits.

But then there's the Xbox 360 -- the greatest gaming machine ever. When Microsoft announced its intention to enter the gaming market we laughed so hard we snorted coffee all over our CRT monitors, but the Xbox has leapt from strength to strength, offering the broadest range of incredible games and online hijinks, rammed into one amazing machine.

The voting has only been open for a few hours, but at the moment the iPhone is developing a healthy lead. But there's a whole week of voting left for these silicon-based stars to endure.

History will look fondly upon those who make their vote count today, so head on over to the all-important voting page and have your say. Which deserves to win? It's up to you.

Let us know how you voted and why in the comments, or on our Facebook wall