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iPhone 4 dock and 500GB hard drive in one: Buffalo Dualie makes this stuff look easy

Even the iPhone 4 needs to relax, and the Buffalo Dualie helps it look good doing it

There's nothing better at the end of a long hot day than kicking back. Even the iPhone 4 needs to relax, and the Buffalo Dualie helps it look good doing it.

The Dualie combines external 500GB hard drive, iPod dock and USB hub in one two-tone package. Hard drive and iPhone recline in the sleek black and silver dock like a couple of dandies just chillin' out. Yep, just syncing, backing up and charging at the end of a hard day spent rockin' data and lookin' good doin' it.

Sliding the iPhone 3G and 3GS into the Dualie's port automatically syncs and charges the phone. We dropped a brand new iPhone 4 in there and the Dualie didn't even break stride, the 4 soaking up juice like it was an August bank holiday.


The Dualie sports a standard iPod connector, with adaptors for different generations of iPod and iPhone -- the iPhone 4 slots in with no need for an adaptor. 2.5-inch Buffalo hard drives slot into the USB connection. The hard drive itself also has a FireWire connection for super-fast file transfer, but that requires taking it out of the dock; you could always shove it in upside down but that might spoil the aesthetic.


The Dualie is also a USB hub with two spare USB sockets -- handy for Macs which tend to be a bit light on USB connections. It works with PCs, but the natural habitat is next to a glossy Mac.

The Buffalo Dualie comes with 500GB -- iPhone 4 sold separately -- and is available from the Apple Store for £170.