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iPad owners prefer it to books and TV

A new iPad user survey has found the Apple tablet's owners love reading on it more than print or any other medium, and use it more than their TV

The iPad is now the preferred method of reading, over books, newspapers and magazines, for those who own one.

Some 31 per cent of iPad owners use the Apple tablet for reading magazines or newspapers, ahead of a laptop or computer at 26 per cent. Only 24 per cent still prefer print, according to a new survey.

When it comes to reading books, the iPad dominates, with 41 per cent of iPad owners favouring the tablet ahead of the 36 per cent who prefer reading from the book itself.

The poll of 1,034 UK iPad owners by Cooper Murphy Webb said more than a quarter (27 per cent) of owners never leave the house with their iPad and 35 per cent only rarely ventured out with it. Nearly a quarter (22 per cent) took their iPad out sometimes, and 11 per cent said they took the tablet out most of the time. Only 5 per cent said they always did.

This is understandable when you consider the iPad is quite a lot bulkier than the iPhone, can do much of what the tablet can anyway and which many iPad owners also have. Bringing out a tablet on the Tube, for example, is likely to attract more attention than a smaller mobile device.

We haven't quite reached the stage where an iPad is considered as 'everyday' as a newspaper, and until then iPad owners will treat it more like a laptop. Since those who have an iPad already use it as their preferred method of reading, this could certainly change in time.

Those lucky enough to own an iPad are definitely getting their use out of it. More than a quarter of owners are using it for between 10 and 20 hours a week, with 15 per cent using it for more than 20 hours.

A quarter of people surveyed say the iPad is their primary entertainment gadget, exceeding the 19 per cent who say it's their TV. The iPad still hasn't reached the popularity level of a laptop or computer, though, with 33 per cent of iPad owners considering the machine with the traditional keyboard and mouse their primary entertainment device.

Image credit: Pulse on Tech