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iPad mini screen and battery snapped ahead of launch

Photos appearing to show the iPad mini's LCD screen and battery have been snapped, and indicate a display with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

In advance of its big media debut on 23 October, the iPad mini's battery has been shown off again, along with an LCD panel for the screen.

The components -- snapped by parts retailer ETradeSupply and reported by MacRumours -- are sadly non-functioning. What we can deduce though is that the mini will sport the same 4:3 aspect ratio found on the existing iPads, rather than the stretched 16:9 aspect seen on the iPhone 5.

Both pieces also match the purported 7.85-inch screen size that was hinted at by various sources and backed up recent shots of what appears to be the tablet's casing.

As the screen doesn't work, details about its resolution are still a total mystery. While we're not expecting it to bear the Retina display name like its bigger brother, we're hoping for at least the same 1,024x768-pixels found on the iPad 2.

The battery doesn't give away much information either, but it's identical to the one that was spied earlier this week. It boasted a healthy 4,490mAh capacity, which is just over three times the size of the battery found in the iPhone 5. The fact that this is the second time the same battery has shown its face suggests that it's very likely to be the real deal.

The photos come less than a week before the iPad mini is expected to be unveiled. Invites to a media event on 23 October arrived on Tuesday which cryptically hinted at the mini's launch. We'll of course be reporting all the news of its arrival as it happens.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our complete guide to the iPad mini to see just what Apple might have in store for us on Tuesday. Let me know your thoughts on the iPad mini in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

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