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Iomega ships 2 new business StorCenter NAS servers

Iomega announces the availability of two new NAS servers, the dual-bay StorCenter px2-300d and the four-bay StorCenter ix4-300d, which offer lots of storage space and features.

The new StorCenter ix4-300d (left) and StorCenter px2-300d NAS servers from Iomega.
The new StorCenter ix4-300d (left) and StorCenter px2-300d NAS servers from Iomega. Iomega

Iomega today announced the availability of the StorCenter px2-300d and the StorCenter ix4-300d NAS servers for business environments, ranging from small offices to enterprises.

The former is a dual-bay NAS that offers up to 6TB of storage space and the latter is a four-bay with a top capacity of 12TB. Both servers are available in a diskless configuration, leaving users the option of picking the type of hard drive and the capacity on their own. Both also offer Iomega's Personal Cloud feature, which was first introduced with the Home Media Network Drive more than a year ago.

Iomega says the StorCenter px2-300d has McAfee VirusScan Enterprise antivirus protection built in, which is similar to a feature that's been available in NAS servers from Synology, such as the DS412+, for a long time. As for the StorCenter ix4-300d, Iomega says it offers more than double the performance of the previous ix4-300d Cloud Edition model.

On top of that the two new NAS servers both provide several other advanced features, such as support for IP cameras for a surveillance system; the virtualization environments VMware, Microsoft Windows Server (Hyper-V) and Citrix XenServer; native Time Machine backup support; built-in UPnP and DLNA media servers; and Enhanced Active Directory integration.

The StorCenter px2-300d and StorCenter ix4-300d servers are available now, with the diskless versions costing $500 and $600, respectively.