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Intuit releases Lion-compatible Quicken 2007

A re-engineered version of Quicken 2007 now allows the program to run in OS X Lion, despite the lack of the Rosetta translator.

When OS X Lion was released, Apple dropped all support for the PowerPC processor by removing the Rosetta dynamic translator that allowed PowerPC code to run on Intel-based Macs. Unfortunately this move did prevent a number of older software packages from running in Lion, with one of these being the popular Quicken 2007 personal finance software for OS X.

While Intuit has developed Quicken Essentials for OS X that uses Intel-native code, the program is missing a number of features from the older Quicken packages, making it an unattractive option for those who have heavily used Quicken in the past. Intuit claimed these features were heavily dependent on code that was specific for the PowerPC chip and could not be easily ported to the Intel platform, but given the high demand for these features, Intuit looked into getting Quicken 2007 running in Lion.

In December of last year, Intuit released a statement on its Web site that it would be porting the older program to work properly in Lion, promising a spring release, and today has lived up to that promise by making the program available for purchase through its Web site. The updated Quicken will cost $14.99, and is available as a direct download or on CD-ROM.

Intuit specifically mentions this version of Quicken is a re-engineered version that will work on Lion, but is intended for those who have used Quicken 2005 through 2007 on older versions of OS X, and recommends that new users of Quicken choose its Quicken Essentials package. If you have previously used Quicken 2005 through 2007, even if you have migrated to Quicken Essentials you should be able to import your data into this new release.

For some people who have since moved on from Quicken, this update may have come a bit too late; however, for those who are still using Snow Leopard and have avoided Lion because of the lack of Quicken compatibility, then this update may be for you.

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