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Intel introduces small-business storage

System supports up to 12 hard drives on a single Intel Xeon processor.

Intel introduced a new storage product on Thursday, promising greater backup, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance capabilities for small and midsize businesses.

The Intel Storage System SSR212MA includes software and hardware to build a storage area network using Internet protocols and infrastructure, a cheaper alternative to fibre-channel systems, the company said. The system uses a single Intel Xeon processor to support up to 12 hard drives.

The package includes software tools for managing storage resources in different locations and for adding storage capacity, Intel said. A central console lets businesses configure the system, copy data, and authenticate users.

The company did not disclose the price of the new product, which will be available in mid-November.

Intel is targeting a lucrative market with this introduction. Recent market data show demand for storage hardware and software is growing, led by sales of midrange systems that incorporate increasingly sophisticated features.

Yet the company is a relative newbie in the storage market, which is led by EMC, Veritas Software, Network Appliance, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.