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Intel, GE unveil 'Care Innovations' joint venture

The new health care joint venture will develop technologies that support healthy, independent living at home and in senior housing communities, the companies announce.

Screenshot by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore/CNET

Intel and GE joined forces to develop a health care alliance back in April of 2009. Today, they unveiled the name of this venture, Care Innovations, which they say has received final regulatory clearances and is now fully operational.

The Sacramento-based Care Innovations combines teams and assets from Intel's Digital Health Group and GE Healthcare's Home Health division to address issues faced by and because of the growing number of elderly people in the U.S.

"Our vision as we launch this exciting new company is for Care Innovations to positively affect millions of people by providing innovative products and services that will enable new models of care," says Louis Burns, CEO of Care Innovations, in a news release.

The company's main focus areas will include disease management as well as independent living and assistive technologies.

The announcement comes on the heels of Intel CEO Paul Otellini's warning in August that the U.S. faces a major tech decline, and that "the next big thing will not be invented here."