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Intel confirms 7th generation Kaby Lake processors coming this year

It's been some time coming, but Intel has confirmed that its next generation of 'optimised' processors is on schedule and going into production this quarter.

Intel has confirmed its next-generation processors will arrive in 2016.

Intel has confirmed that it will launch its eagerly anticipated 7th Generation core processors by the end of the year, with production beginning within months.

Taking the stage at Computex in Taipei on Tuesday, General Manager of Intel's Client Computing Group, Navin Shenoy announced the news, confirming that production would begin on the processors by the end of this quarter.

The company will also begin production on its entry-level Apollo Lake processors at the same time, with these chips also launching by the end of the year.

"We're never done pushing innovation forward," said Shenoy.

But this latest push forward has been some time coming, after Intel last year confirmed it would be putting its so-called "Tick Tock" product release cycle on hold, in favour of a "Process, Architecture, Optimisation" model.

Intel has traditionally alternated between announcing a shrinking of its chips in one year (Tick), followed by the release of updated chips that use a new microarchitecture in the same footprint (Tock).

The 7th Generation processors, codenamed Kaby Lake, are neither Tick nor Tock, but rather mark a "semi-tock" product release. Essentially, Intel has "optimised" the microarchitecture in its chipset, but stayed in the 14-nanometre footprint.

But while this is its third generation of 14-nanometre chips, Intel was bullish about the upcoming launch, saying production was "on track," and promising more than 400 devices using Kaby Lake.

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