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Intel brings the cores with 8th gen Coffee Lake processors

The new generation includes a four-core i3, a six-core i5 and and i7 that Intel calls its best processor for gaming ever.

Gamers rejoice, Intel's latest desktop processors are around the corner -- and they're designed for you.

The company's eighth-generation desktop processors are for gamers, creators and overclockers, Intel said in a Sunday press release. The Intel Core i7-8700K is the pack's top dog, with the chipmaker calling the CPU its best gaming processor ever. Now you're playing with power

The new range, Intel said, will improve the frame rate on demanding games such as Gears of War 4 by up to 25 percent over last year's Kaby Lake chips. For the artistically inclined, the new CPUs, codenamed Coffee Lake, will allow you to edit 4K, 360-degree videos up to 32 percent faster than last year's range. 

The i7-8700K offers 3.7GHz of power as a base but can be overclocked to 4.7GHz. But you don't need to get the top CPU to feel a change. The line offers a whole lot of cores, with the i5 processor powered by six cores and the i3 by four, both firsts for Intel's desktop range. More cores, for those unaware, generally means better multitasking. 

It comes a month after the first set of 8th gen processors were revealed, but those were for Ultrabooks and two-in-one devices. CPUs for laptops are expected to be unveiled early next year.

Intel's new desktop processors will be available from Oct. 5.