Instagram giveaway! Enter to win* the Pizza Hut's Pie Tops II

Our Instagram followers get a chance to win one pair of Pizza Hut's Bluetooth-enabled food-ordering sneakers, size 11. This sweepstakes ends March 30, 2018.

Tania González

Now is your chance to order pizza with your shoes and land some very exclusive sneakers! 

We are giving away one of the 50 red pairs of Pizza Hut's Bluetooth-enabled food-ordering sneakers. The second generation of the coveted shoes gained the ability to pause your TV on top of letting you order pizza with your actual shoe. You can read all about the technology here.

Watch this: We wear Pizza Hut's pizza-ordering, TV-pausing shoes

The March Madness final four tournament is around the corner so it's perfect timing to give our Instagram followers a chance to win* the size 11 pair we used for our review. How can you enter?

You can get one entry for following us on Instagram, one more if you post on your own account using the #CNETgiveaway hashtag and one more if you comment in the post of the giveaway using #CNETgiveaway or if you tag a friend and use the same hashtag. 

Please don't forget to read the rules of the giveaway here and please let us know in the comment section what other prizes you would like to see in our Instagram giveaways.