Instagram gets web profiles, still no browser uploads

The photo-sharing service has finally launched a web browser-based way to view user profiles.

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Lexy Savvides

Instagram has finally launched a true web presence for its users, allowing you to view photos and profile information from a browser.

The new web profiles from Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

As announced by the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service earlier today, the web profiles bear a striking resemblance to the social network's Timeline layout. At the top of each profile is a dynamic arrangement of your most recent photos. Only public photos will be displayed on the web interface — if you have marked images as private, they will only be displayed to people who follow you.

Before the update, users who wanted to browse Instagram photos from a web browser had to either have the direct link to an image, or use a third-party service like Webstagram.

The profiles are being rolled out progressively to users. To check whether your account has made the transition yet, the URL structure for pages is instagram.com/username Unfortunately, there is still no official way to upload your photos and apply Instagram filters from the web, although this simple workaround will have you Hefe-ing your happy snaps in no time.