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Indecent Exposure 62: Individuality exercised (podcast)

Lusting for a Leica, getting over a fear of flash, and in-depth with the results of our photo-editing experiment. Our longest podcast ever!

Lusting for a Leica, getting over a fear of flash, and in-depth with the results of our photo-editing experiment. Our longest podcast ever!


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Leica M9 previews: DPReview, Luminous Landscape


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Today's questions
Leica lust

Hello I was thinking for buying a Leica M-8 or M-9 but I have to ask for your opinion now because when I first started looking at the digital M series there was only the M-8 which has an upgrade program. Now that Leica has just released the M-9 I called Leica and was informed that the upgrade for the M-8 will not cover the sensor that is in the M-9. With technology advancing at such a rate that technology today is obsolete in two years ( and that is being generous) how can I or anyone justify paying the price for a timeless piece of photographic awesomeness that is no longer timeless. I have long wanted a Leica since my first photo internship back 1994 and through the years as I have seen various pros producing beautiful images with them. I Guess what I am trying to say is that I really want a Leica but I need to find a way to be happy with a $6000-$7000 camera purchase (without any lens crazy right) that may maybe outdated in two years and was hoping you could add something to the equation that I have not thought of to nudge me toward the Leica or totally steer me away so I can forget about it and move on.
Thanks, Larry from Vienna, VA
P.S. Why can't Voigtländer just come out with a $1000-$2000 M-mount digital rangefinder so I can put Leica lens on it and live half the dream. Imagine that a digital Bessa RA SWEET

Fear of flash

Hi Lori and Matt,
thanks for covering my question in the last podcast. and oh Lori, you got my name perfect; great pronunciation! i'm taking your advice and i'm keeping a little notebook with me to start writing my own "rules."
so here's my next question for you guys:
I want to get a external flash unit for my camera (I shoot Canon). But the thing looks intimidating. There's a whole new set of buttons on it and before i get one, i want to know the basics of operating one of these units. For example, what is ETT-L (is that correct?) does the flash meter itself automatically based off the camera or do i need to set the flash metering manually? what's the biggest difference between a "cheap" flash unit and one that costs twice to three times as much? also, can you cover how and when to use "flash fill" properly?
P.S. I really enjoy your podcast! keep up the good work.
Oh and Matt, if Lori is the glass of warm milk, you are the Oreo cookie that goes with it! a perfect combination of pure awesomeness!
Best, Weihua Chen, MS