Indecent Exposure 6: Initial explorations

We go 'round on entry-level dSLRs, deliver words of wisdom for newbies and sniff our way through <strike>traitor</strike> Phil's last show.

Lori Grunin Senior Editor / Advice
I've been reviewing hardware and software, devising testing methodology and handed out buying advice for what seems like forever; I'm currently absorbed by computers and gaming hardware, but previously spent many years concentrating on cameras. I've also volunteered with a cat rescue for over 15 years doing adoptions, designing marketing materials, managing volunteers and, of course, photographing cats.
Expertise Photography, PCs and laptops, gaming and gaming accessories
Lori Grunin
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We go 'round on entry-level dSLRs, deliver words of wisdom for newbies and sniff our way through traitor Phil's last show.

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Today's e-mail:
Welcome n00bs!

My husband done really good this year and realized a past-time I enjoyed and bought me a Canon PowerShot G9 for Christmas. It's my first camera with a ba-billion buttons and knobs on it. WOOO FOR BUTTON AND KNOBS! I know your podcast is mostly for those who kinda know what they heck they are doing with their camera so I'm not asking for a noob segment on your podcast. I was hoping you could point me to a good reference site where I can learn what all these buttons and knobs do. I just want to be able to make adjustment like:"OK, the photo is fuzzy, I need to turn up the doodledinger" and zappo I'm taking clear and beautiful pictures. I really want to get some good use out of this camera but right now I'm feeling a little intimidated and leaving it in "auto" mode seems like such a waste as I probably could of just stayed with my cheapo point and shoot if I wasn't going to be using the settings. Thank you for the help and love the podcast!
--Jamie from Michigan