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Indecent Exposure 37: Infinite excess

Contests in context, when infinity isn't infinite, and things that make us cranky.

Contests in context, when infinity isn't infinite, and things that make us cranky.

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Episode 37

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PhotoNetCast #23: Photographers' Rights and the new U.K. Counter-Terrorism Act 2008
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Winner: Home Hardware

Runner up: Smith-Corona

Runner up: Scout Moor Farm

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Today's question

Hi Lori and Matt,
I've been an amateur photographer for many years now and would like to see if people in general like my work as much as my friends and family do (or at least say they do).
As such, are you aware of any online photo competitions or adjudications (other than your weekly one, of course) that accept submissions, provide feedback, and feature winning entries?
Keep up the good work!
Toronto, Canada

Infinity and beyond

Over the years I have owned several different SLR cameras and lenses both film and digital. In reguard to lenses, why is it that some lenses can focus past infinity while others don't?"
I find this problem very frustrating and was also wondering if there is a way (cheap) to correct this problem?
Thomas Day

Tough camera

Hey Lori and Matt,
I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for a very durable camera. The reason I asked is because I love doing outdoor activities such as mountain biking and snowboarding. I currently have a Canon A590 IS and I don't want to carry it and risk damaging it. Thanks for your help.