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Indecent Exposure 1: Inherently unstable

CNET debuts its digital imaging podcast. First up, image stabilization: the lens/body problem.

Welcome to our unveiling! Today's big topic: where does image stabilization serve you best, in the lens or the body? Plus, news and quick tips.

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Nikon D3 firmware upgrade. NOT.
updated 4/17/08: Well, here's a big ooopsie on Nikon's part. It turns out the firmware update was corrupting images. This link will take you to the big warning page, though, and eventually redirect when the company gets it right again.


A cornucopia of camcorder questions
I love your reviews / videos - they are very informative!

I am about to purchase a camcorder and I have narrowed my choices down to the Sony HDR-SR11 or the Canon Vixia HF10. I had a few questions that I wondered if you would be able to answer:

  1. Overall, which one would you pick?
  2. Is there any downside to camcorders with the removable media that you or your staff have noticed? I think I like the general idea of the removable media as I don't have to keep "all my eggs in one basket." If something happens to the camcorder, I would hopefully still have salvageable video on the cards. While 60GB of storage is attractive, as long as I can record 1-to-2 hours of video at a time (either on a few GB memory card, or even the Canon's 16GB flash) I think I would be fine. Rarely in my life do I recall having to record more than a "tapes worth" in one shot without having time to switch . Would you agree?
  3. Have you observed any noticeable difference in battery life between hard drive models and memory card / solid-state-only storage models? I wonder if the solid-state-only models get better battery life.
  4. Sony boasts the AVCHD recording format (codec, or whatever) does the Canon record in the same format? I have been reading that there are some difficulties in converting from this format to others. Is this a big problem, or merely an additional step? Will I be able to take video right from the camera or memory card and bring right into Adobe Premier or Ulead Video Studio type programs?