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Incoming: Samsung SC-X210L sports camcorder

Samsung takes the extreme sporting world by storm with a new sports camcorder. Its mounting options mean you can capture your smashes and wipeouts from even more extreme angles

These are our exclusive photos of Samsung's unreleased SC-X210L sports camcorder, taken today in Las Vegas. Just the other week we were playing about on the ice rinks of London with the SC-X210L's predecessor, the Samsung Miniket. Now the camcorder has been completely overhauled, with a new chassis, new screen, and new external head-mountable lens.

The joy of the Samsung sports range has always been the unique perspective these camcorders offer over the action. Although the camcorder's chassis can shoot video using an internal lens, there is also a detachable external lens which can be mounted using the bundled straps. Samsung has expanded the number of places you can attach the lens -- there are now specific kits for mountain bikers and snowboarders.

As you can see from our photos, the new SC-X210L can be mounted to a bike using a series of special pouches and grips designed specifically for the purpose. In the top right-hand photo the camcorders lens is mounted to the handlebars of the bike, while the main unit sits in a slightly safer position, just below the saddle.

Samsung has dug out an exclusive niche in the extreme sports world. Though previous incarnations of the Miniket lacked the solid build that a sports camcorder really needs to survive a weekend trip to the mountains of Scotland, this new SC-X210L looked and felt the part when Crave gave it a stern going over at the Samsung stand. A release date for the camcorder is not set and specific details on the specs are scarce. We'll update you as soon as we learn more.

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