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In-counter composting

We all love the idea of sustainability, but we don't want to have to make any extra effort. Companies hear our dilemma and create solutions, like this in-counter composting system.

My garbage never looks this good. Blanco

Composting is the new recycling--it's cool, it's green, and, well, smelly. But there are companies out there who recognize the importance of making composting more palatable to consumers. First there was the countertop compost crock.

Now Blanco has gone one better with the innovative new in-counter compost solution. The Solon is designed to be inset (although it can be top-mounted for laminate counters) and located near the sink for easy collection of organic waste. An attractive lid sits flush with the countertop and keeps odors inside; when the bin is full, simply lift it out completely to empty it.

All parts are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The bin itself holds 7 liters (almost 2 gallons), and the frame, lid, and bin are all made from stainless steel. The bin is pricey--about $600--especially when you consider that it's essentially a trash can, but it does make for mighty convenient composting.