The iMac Pro supposedly has an iPhone processor, too

The "most powerful Mac ever" could have a Siri surprise.

James Martin/CNET

Tucked inside the upcoming iMac Pro -- alongside 18 cores of Intel Xeon processors -- could be a stowaway chip that comes straight from the iPhone.

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The A10 Fusion processor belonged to last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and it's reportedly bringing always-on Siri voice search functionality -- aka "Hey, Siri" -- to the workhorse rig that Apple has called its "most powerful Mac ever." Over the weekend, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo tweeted a "confirmation" of Siri's presence on the iMac Pro, as spotted by The Verge and 9to5Mac

For the record, Rambo has a pretty good track record; he and fellow developer Steven Troughton-Smith are credited for unearthing a goldmine of information about the iPhone X from an accidental firmware update. 

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment. 

In addition to always-on Siri, the borrowed iPhone chip could help the iMac Pro securely boot up before the other processors take over the heavy lifting, as engineer and Mac fan Pepijn Bruienne tweeted. The take-away? It could make the iMac Pro encryption faster, and make the whole platform more secure.