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The iMac is getting Touch ID for the first time, thanks to Apple's new Magic Keyboard

At its Spring Loaded event, Apple reveals that the desktop is getting Touch ID.

Apple Touch ID for iMac

Ready to use Touch ID on your iMac? On Tuesday, Apple said its wireless keyboard will be bringing it to your machine. 

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Through Apple's latest wireless keyboards, we'll soon be able to use Touch ID on desktop iMacs for the first time, Apple said Tuesday during its virtual Spring Loaded event. The company said its new Magic Keyboards with Touch ID capability will let users quickly change to a different user profile with the touch of a finger, and will also include the company's familiar Magic Trackpad feature. Apple also touted the security of its fingerprint data.

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"Wireless fingerprint data transmission is made possible by a secure processor in the keyword. It communicates directly with the secure enclave," the company said, "creating an encrypted channel to protect your fingerprint data from end to end."