Ice cream maker hits the spot

The Cuisinart Ice-35 ice cream maker lets you make any flavor of ice cream quickly.

No more midnight trips to the store.

Ice cream is one of those craveable foods. When the need hits, it hits hard, and for those struck by this affliction, the only cure happens to be the same subject that caused it in the first place: ice cream. The desire can present itself any time of the day or night. Faced with an empty freezer, the only solution therefore is to go to the store. Stores that are open around the clock may be abundant, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will have the flavor that you want. A secondary choice may be selected, but it might not hit the spot; and the cycle continues.

Take matters into your own hands with the Cuisinart Ice-35 2-Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker. With an old-timey wooden finish and a 2-quart capacity, the ice cream maker is sure to comfort those in need of a cool frozen treat. Taking as little as 25 minutes to churn through a cycle, the wait is less than most trips to the store. With a large no-mess spout for addition of mix-ins, the exact flavor you are looking for has never been closer.

The fully automatic ice cream maker does all the work for you. Considering the dangers of dealing with low blood sugar while driving a car, this can only be a good thing. Simply add your ingredients, flip the switch and relax, soon all your ice cream needs will be but a bowl away.