iBooks crashing? E-mail the developer the logs

A few iPad users who have purchased books using the iBooks application have complained of the program crashing.

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A few iPad users who have purchased books using the iBooks application have complained of the program crashing. This may happen when you first download books, but also may happen after two or three successful downloads. Once the crash occurs, the application may become unstable and continue to crash during other functions, such as accessing the bookshelf.

Apple discussion poster "Picasso25" writes:

"I downloaded iBooks about three times now. The first time and second times that I opened it I was able to download books and start reading them. When I tried the last time to do that, it started crashing. When I open iBooks, I can see my virtual bookshelf but only for about a second then it crashes and the iPad reverts to its home screen. I have tried syncing again as well as deleting and reinstalling iBooks but nothing works."

Even though this user did not have success with reinstalling the iBooks application, if you are experiencing this problem, then first try a reinstall, followed by resetting the iPad and reinstalling the application after all settings are at their defaults.

One of the developers for the iBooks application, Roy B. from Apple, is pursuing these reports. If you have an iPad and have been experiencing crashes with iBooks, he requests that you e-mail him the log files for the iBooks application, which can be found at the following locations:

Mac OS X:
/Users/<user name>/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<device name>

Windows XP:
\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Logs\Crash Reporter\Mobile Device\<device name>

Windows Vista and 7:
\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\Mobile Device\<device name>

Locate the most recent crash log file, and e-mail it to "royb@apple.com" along with an explanation of what you were doing when the crash occurred. He also asks that you include the specific e-books file if the application crashes when accessing one in particular, and only if the e-book license allows for it.

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