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IBM's first 'retail' quantum computer in the US headed to Cleveland Clinic

Quantum computing will be used to explore genomics, as well as for chemical and drug discovery.

IBM Q System One is a 53-qubit quantum computer.

IBM on Monday announced a 10-year partnership with Cleveland Clinic to develop the Discovery Accelerator, a lab that will research health care and life sciences using quantum computing and artificial intelligence. As part of the partnership, IBM will install its first ever private sector IBM Quantum System One in the US at the clinic's campus in Cleveland.

The quantum computer will help "transform medicine," Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, CEO of Cleveland Clinic, said in a statement. "These new computing technologies can help revolutionize discovery in the life sciences."

Some of the research will look at genomics, chemical and drug discovery, single cell transcriptomics, population health and clinical applications. Researchers will also look at protecting privacy while using big data to improve patient care and responses to global health crises such as COVID-19.

IBM said it will also install its first next-generation 1,000+ qubit quantum system at a client facility in Cleveland in the next few years. 

IBM last month unveiled improvements to quantum computing software that it said will increase performance by 100 times.