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i-Box Max is a hefty, British-designed Bluetooth speaker

This rugged Bluetooth speaker lets you tweak the sound using controls on the back, making for a more refined listening experience.

You might not have heard of i-Box, but it's a relatively new British company that makes mobile phone accessories. The latest in its line-up is the Max -- a portable Bluetooth speaker that's essentially a super-sized version of i-Box's previous sound-chucker, the Trax.

It's a fair size, standing a bit bigger than a shoebox, and it has a handy carry handle, so you can lug it about wherever you go. It's rugged enough to withstand a few knocks, too. And unlike most Bluetooth speakers, it has a couple of dials on the back, so you can tweak the treble and bass to fit your music.

The Max packs two 5cm full-range drivers, along with a rear-ported 7.5cm low-frequency radiator for plenty of bass. Chuck in a class D amplifier with 30W RMS, and you've got yourself quite a proposition for a portable speaker.

You can stream tunes to it from your mobile over Bluetooth 4.0, and the aptX codec (basically high definition audio streaming, as found on most high-end smart phones nowadays) should make for decent sound. NFC is also on board, so if you have a compatible phone or tablet, just tap it to pair.

You'll get 10 hours of use from the rechargeable battery, and you can plug it in and run it from the mains, if you like. It also has a couple of USB ports, so you can charge your mobile from it while out and about.

The Max is available now from i-Box's website for £149.99. It comes with a five-year warranty.

What do you think of the Max? And what's the best Bluetooth speaker you've ever used? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.