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Human Atlas HD app now on iPad

Blausen Medical's new app features 360-degree, rotatable 3D illustrations that explore nine full-body systems, as well as more than 1,500 medical terms that tie into the images.

Building on the iPhone app it released last August, Blausen Medical, developer of the world's largest library of 3D medical animations, has just released an iPad version of its Human Atlas HD app.

Like its smaller predecessor, the Blausen Human Atlas iPad app boasts narrated, 3D video animations of 150 medication conditions and treatments, as well as 360-degree, rotatable 3D illustrations of the human figure's full-body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, etc).

Blausen reports that the app has been developed for a middle-school reading level and includes a searchable glossary of more than 1,500 terms that link to related animations, images, definitions, etc. In other words, it's a student's/layman's guide.

"For nearly 15 years my original vision was that someday there would be a mobile device truly capable of showcasing our animations in their indescribable clarity, right at point of care, to educate patients," says CEO Bruce Blausen. "The iPad takes that presentation to a whole new level. With its HD resolution, larger screen size, and ease of use, clinicians now can provide patients a never before available lavish visual environment in which to engage and learn."

Aside from the new platform, the main difference in versions is that the iPad app is available at the iTunes app store for $29.99, $10 more than the iPhone app. At least David Lynch might be willing to pay for the upgrade.

Also, in a bizarre twist that says a lot about screen size and pixel counts, users can be as young as 12 to buy the iPhone version, which is listed as having "infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity," but must be 17 or older to buy the higher-def iPad version (whose content is otherwise "identical," according to a Blausen spokesman) due to "frequent/intense sexual content or nudity."

Indescribable clarity indeed.