Hulu satirizes 'Real Housewives' in new original series

Unveiling its slate for 2014 at CES, the second-day streaming site will debut "The Hotwives of Orlando," as well as second seasons of "East Los High" and "The Awesomes."

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Joan E. Solsman
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If "Real Housewives" didn't already provide enough fodder for satire, Hulu is adding in Orlando for good measure.

The streaming-video site -- jointly owned by the parent companies of ABC, NBC, and Fox -- unveiled its original and exclusive slate of programming at CES 2014 Wednesday. Don't come looking for any surprises. The 2014 slate is straight out of the company's recent playbook, filled with half-hour comedies and international imports that have been remade for American audiences elsewhere.

The only new true original that wasn't previously known is "The Hotwives of Orlando," a reality show parody that follows six housewives in "Central Florida's sexiest city," according to the show's blurb. Sitcom fans will recognize Angela Kinsey from "The Office" and Kristen Schaal from "30 Rock" among the cast. Weird Al Yankovic will be making an appearance.

Original series from online video-on-demand operators like Hulu were the rage last year. Netflix made headlines with its shows "Arrested Development," "Orange Is the New Black," and "House of Cards," garnering the first primetime Emmy nominations in top categories for online-only series.

Amazon jumped on the bandwagon with "Alpha House" and "Betas," but like Hulu's originals thus far, they have failed to generate the same kind of social buzz and clamorous critical praise that Netflix has.

Hulu said Wednesday it will also bring to its site the original Scandinavian version of the drama series, "The Bridge," which was recently adapted for US audiences by FX, as well as the Canadian hit reality-style dance drama, "The Next Step," acquired from BBC Worldwide North America. "The Bridge" will be available Jan. 14.

Hulu said its previously announced original "Deadbeat," a comedy about a clairvoyant dufus who helps New York ghosts tie up loose ends, would premiere on April 9.

The site added that it was renewing several of its series, including "East Los High" and "The Awesomes."

Hulu is coming off a year of abating uncertainty, having appointed Mike Hopkins as its new chief executive in October after the site's owners decided to inject ad-supported Hulu and subscription service Hulu Plus with $750 million rather than sell it.

Hulu is jointly owned by 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal -- part of Comcast -- and Disney.