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HP's Sprout spawns a standalone Z 3D Camera

HP breaks out the camera from its Sprout 3D workstation for 3D capture on any system.

With dual touch surfaces and other perks for dedicated content creation, HP's Sprout 3D workstation is a nice turnkey solution for some people. But not everyone wants to buy an entire system just for its 3D capture capabilities or don't even need it for traditional 3D work. So HP has spun off the 3D capture hardware from it into a standalone -- or hang-alone -- camera -- that you can mount on a monitor to snap overhead shots or videos of your workspace or capture 3D objects.

If you're a big fan of 3D or take advantage of Windows' mixed reality creation tools, it's a must-have accessory.

As the name indicates, the Z 3D camera remains part of HP's workstation products rather than the consumer products. At $599 it's not exceptionally cheap, but it seems like a pretty reasonable price (which directly converts to about £440 and AU$765).

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