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HP's fall lineup goes to 11. Literally.

Want the quick and dirty on the best of HP's new products? We've got you covered.

Xiomara Blanco Associate Editor / Reviews - Tablets and monitors
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Xiomara Blanco
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HP recently unleashed a flurry of new products with a variety of different form factors. With the holiday season right around the corner, at least one entry on its new laundry list of devices could offer the perfect present for your loved ones -- or even yourself.

The 11 new devices range from tablets, to laptops, to tablets that are also laptops, and the selections of sizes, configurations, and prices are just as varied. In addition to the products featured in this post, HP also announced the Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition TouchSmartlaptop, HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook, and HP Pavilion 11 X2 laptop, as well as the Omni 10, Slate 7 HD, and Slate 10 HD tablets.

We've rounded up the most impressive of the bunch to give you a taste of what HP is cooking with this fall.

The HP Spectre 13 comes in a tablet/laptop hybrid version, as well as an ultrabook model. Josh Miller/CNET

HP Spectre 13 X2
The Spectre 13 X2, which comes in a "detachable" and fanless ultrabook model, features Haswell-based internals and rocks a surprisingly thin and light high-end design. Battery life is expected to be around 10 hours, and pricing for the Spectre 13 X2 starts at $1,099, with the ultrabook model starting at $999.
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HP Chromebook 14 (Fall 2013) confusingly shares the same name as the model released in the spring of 2013. James Martin/CNET

HP Chromebook 14
HP's new Chromebook 14 is reboot from 2013's earlier version, but, despite its sleek makeover, still feels like a $300 device -- especially with its unflatteringly pixelated 14-inch screen. The Haswell-based laptop will, according to HP, deliver about 9.5 hours of battery life and start at $299 for the Wi-Fi-only model and $349 for the coming 4G version.
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HP Pavilion 13 X2, not to be confused with the similarly named Spectre X2, is another trendy Windows 8 hybrid. James Martin/CNET

HP Pavilion 13 X2
This 13-inch Windows 8.1 laptop-hybrid, the larger counterpart to the HP Pavilion 11 X2, features a 1,366x768-pixel-resolution IPS screen and offers a few customization choices, including the option between an AMD A6 or Intel Haswell processor. The HP Pavilion 13 X2 starts at $599 and will go on sale in November.
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The HP Slate 7 Extreme could be a worthy Nexus 7 competitor, depending on its pricing. Josh Miller/CNET

HP Slate 7 Extreme
The HP Slate 7 Extreme is a sleek, 7-inch tablet that's geared toward the multimedia experience and one that has a few unique features. It includes a stylus, cozily housed on the bottom-right corner, which works fast and smooth while using the included stylus-specific apps. The Slate 7 Extreme is also the first Android tablet to feature Camera Awesome, a popular camera-enhancing app.
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The HP Slate 8 Pro rocks the highest resolution out of any 8-inch tablet on the market. Josh Miller/CNET

HP Slate 8 Pro
When it comes to 8-inch tablets, the variety and quality available isn't as impressive as other form factors, but the HP Slate 8 Pro is elevating the standard with its impressive release. This 4:3-aspect-ratio-touting slate features a 1,200x1,600-pixel resolution and houses Nvidia's speedy Tegra 4 CPU with 2GB of RAM.
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