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HP Zeen and Best Buy Rocketfish tablet are latest iPad rivals

HP and Best Buy are the latest manufacturers to wade into the iPad-ignited tablet market with the HP Zeen and a Rocketfish slate

Ready for today's round of spurious tablet news? HP and Best Buy brand Rocketfish are working on tablets that will utterly destroy the Apple iPad and leave Steve Jobs crying into his lentil polenta.

The HP Zeen is an Android device, with a focus on ebooks and printing. Ebooks come from the Nook store run by US bookseller Barnes and Noble, which makes the Android-based Nook ebook reader. Nook isn't available over here, so Zeen may not make it either.

The Zeen links to the new HP Zeus printer, one of a new range of printers with their own email address for easy wireless printing. Zeen will be a control panel for the printer and it's rumoured the tablet will be sold on its own or in a pack with the Zeus. The Zeen was spotted by Engadget in an FCC filing, so there's no confirmed specs or pictures yet.

HP has been gestating its Slate tablet since before the iPad was still a twinkle in Steve Jobs' eye, but we're still no closer to an official launch. The Slate will be either a WebOS or Windows Phone device, so HP is keeping all the operating-system bases covered.

Electronic retailer Best Buy, meanwhile, is also working on a tablet, pictured above, which will bear the logo of its Rocketfish own brand. What's next: an own-brand tablet from Currys? The DixonsPad?

Best Buy boss Robert Stephens revealed the Rocketfish tablet in two photos showing the prototype to a follower on Twitter. He added there are "no guts inside", so it's hard to say what the specs will be. The US chain recently arrived on these shores but it's way too early to say if the tablet will be available in Blighty.