HP SpectreOne desktop offers NFC, stylish looks but no touch

The HP SpectreOne is a 23.6-inch all-in-one desktop PC that offers stylish looks and NFC technology, but no touchscreen controls.

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HP has taken the cover off a new addition to its all-in-one desktop range, named the SpectreOne. It's a Windows 8-running, 23.6-inch desktop PC that packs some stylish looks along with handy near-field communication (NFC) technology, although oddly it doesn't offer a touchscreen.

The 23.6-inch display boasts a resolution of 1,920x1,080-pixels for watching those high definition movies. The lack of a touchscreen on a new all-in-one though is an unusual omission, particularly as it will be running Windows 8.

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system and has been designed almost entirely for touch-based navigation. I argued recently that Windows 8 may be able to kill the traditional laptop, as the standard keyboard and trackpad is no longer the easiest way to engage with your computer and the same is arguably true of non-touch desktops so we'll have to wait and see how Windows 8 fares on this new machine.

HP will at least be bundling the SpectreOne with an oversized trackpad that looks almost identical to Apple's Magic Trackpad, as well as an Apple-esque keyboard. It's also sporting looks that are rather reminiscent of the iMac range, with an all-glass front and minimalist, grey metal casing and stand. It's certainly stylish and will no doubt appeal to anyone who's ever coveted an Apple computer.

The NFC technology on the SpectreOne has been dubbed TouchZone by HP. It allows you to automatically log in to the computer by swiping an NFC-enabled sticker -- attached, perhaps, to your phone -- over the sensor, apparently saving you precious seconds when you just can't wait to check your email.

Hopefully you can also gain access by typing in your password, in case you happen to have lost your mobile on a heavy night out. Although NFC has been around for a while, it hasn't really hit the mainstream yet in the UK so it's good to see it being put to a practical (if not a little redundant) use.

HP wasn't heavy on details about the internal specifications when talking to our American buddies over at CNET.com, but they mentioned the latest (read: Ivy Bridge) Intel processors as well as a 1GB Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Prices will start from £812 ($1,299) when it goes on sale in the US in November -- there's no word on a UK release date as of yet.

In addition to the SpectreOne, HP will also be flogging the Envy 20 and Envy 23, 20- and 23-inch all-in-ones that are basically existing models from its TouchSmart range that have been rebranded for the launch of Windows 8. They're less premium models than the SpectreOne so expect a lesser price tag.

What do you make to the SpectreOne? Is it an exciting addition to the Windows 8 portfolio or is the lack of a touch screen going to be a problem? Does NFC tickle your fancy at all? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.