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HP: one billion pounds of recycling

HP has reached its goal six months early to recycle one billion pounds of electronics.

One BILLION pounds!

HP has reached its goal six months early to recycle one billion pounds, or 454.55 million kilograms, of electronics.

Initially setting the goal in 2004 after reaching half the target, HP has upped the ante once more, stating it will double its recycling throughput to reach a total two billion pounds (909.09 million kilograms) by 2010.

It's an impressive addition to the growing corporate involvement in the now hip environmental space, since RoHS went active across Europe in 2006 and Al Gore discovered he had a comeback vehicle.

HP has been recycling for 20 years in one form or another, earning it a place amongst Fortune Magazine's "Ten Green Giants" this year. In Australia, HP offers hardware recycling for corporate customers, and inkjet and laserjet cartridge recycling for both consumers and corporate.

We're quite chuffed with the growing corporate responsibility towards the environment, regardless of whether the motivations are fiscal, for brownie points or sincere -- the only possible downside is that the hippies were right.