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HP Envy x2 Surface-rival with full-fat Windows costs £799

HP's tablet-laptop hybrid has been given a price tag and release date -- but is it too expensive?

HP's tablet-laptop hybrid Windows 8 PC has been given a price -- the Envy x2 can be yours for a quid shy of £800 when it goes on sale.

The Envy x2 looks like a tablet, but like many upcoming Windows 8 devices will slot into an accompanying keyboard dock, transforming it into a tablet. HP says the Envy x2 will go on sale in late October, meaning you should be able to pick it up over the next few days.

Like other Windows 8 touchscreen gadgets, the Envy x2 is living in the shadow of Microsoft's own Surface tablet, which has an attachable keyboard cover and is significantly cheaper at £399.

There's a catch however -- the Surface runs Windows RT, which only lets you install programs from Microsoft's own app store.

The Envy x2 on the other hand has the full version of Windows 8, making it much more like an ordinary laptop in terms of what you can do -- but one that turns into a tablet and runs software built for touchscreens.

I know what you're thinking, on paper it's the perfect device. I have a few reservations though -- will the Atom processor inside this unusual gadget be powerful enough to avoid the occasional sluggishness that plagues the Surface?

The full-fat version of Windows could prove tiresome to the x2's battery too, and we're still waiting to see how prices for these hybrid devices settle. In a month or so the £800 Envy x2 could look like a real bargain, or a total rip-off.

As such, I'd advise waiting for our in-depth review before splashing your cash. We'll have a full evaluation with a star rating as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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