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HP backs Windows 8 tablets after TouchPad disaster

HP is pinning its hopes on Windows 8 tablets after the disaster of the HP TouchPad.

HP is pinning its hopes on Windows 8 tablets after the disaster of the HP TouchPad. The US company has decided not to abandon tablets and computers for ordinary people, instead looking to "get closer to all of our customers".

Despite the failure of its webOS tablet and phone, the TouchPad and Pre 3, HP is optimistic about the prospects for tablets using Windows 8. The next generation of Microsoft's popular operating system is designed to work on tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

The ill-fated TouchPad and Pre 3 suffered a massive price drop -- ironically selling out in the process. HP also had to swallow a refund for owners of the TouchPad and Pre 3.

HP considered ditching all of its products for us awkward consumers entirely, and only selling to businesses. But Personal Systems Group (PSG), the consumer arm of HP, has been saved from being sold off. Instead, UK PSG boss Paul Hunter told us he's "committed to further improving the UK business."

HP pledges better customer service and tech support for consumers like you and me who buy HP computers and laptops, as well as more consultancy and advice for business customers.

The sell-off, suggested publicly in August, had been the idea of new boss Leo Apotheker -- who was promptly given the boot after less than a year in charge. The new management has clearly decided to stick with the consumer market, which has an annual turnover of £25bn and makes about £620.5m in profits.

As well as the cash, PSG benefits the rest of HP with its buying power and widespread distribution.

Are you looking forward to Windows 8? Can HP learn from the TouchPad debacle to make the perfect Windows-powered slate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.