HP and Valve are working on a new VR headset

It's also Microsoft Windows compatible.

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Scott Stein

The new headset may be based on the HP Reverb, released last year.


The same day that Half-Life: Alyx, the most anticipated new VR game in years, was launched, a new VR headset capable of playing it was teased, too. HP and Valve's co-developed headset (with some collaboration from Microsoft) looks like another VR headset built to work with SteamVR's ecosystem.

We don't know much yet (not even its name was hinted at), but the teased photo looks a lot like the high-res HP Reverb VR headset made for Windows 10 that launched last year. In this case, it may have extra features to make it compatible with SteamVR's roomscale lighthouse sensor boxes.

If you want to play Half-Life: Alyx right now, there are lots of VR headset options already available.