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How to turn a beaver into a PC

A woman in America has turned the preserved corpse of a beaver into a fully functional PC. Perhaps she'd be interested in building a mobile phone inside my hamster

"Gosh, thanks for checking out my beaver!"

Those were actually the words of Kasey McMahon, an artist in America, who realised standard PC case mods don't quite excite her as much as they could. She decided instead to build a working PC inside the perfectly preserved corpse of a fully grown beaver.

Compubeaver: enjoying the Vista

Dubbed 'Compubeaver', the ill-fated, semi-aquatic rodent had his lungs replaced with fans, his heart swapped for a processor and every remaining internal organ replaced with various other PC components. His chest now ungraciously plays host to a DVD writer. (I daren't ask which orifice you slide a phone line into.)

This is one of a number of exciting potential uses for the otherwise mundane animal carcass. Perhaps she'd be interested in building a mobile phone inside my hamster. He sure as hell didn't have a use when he was alive -- maybe he could be more helpful as a phone. Or instead of sending your recently 'retired' racehorse to the nearest glue factory for a fun day out with the kids, ship it to McMahon, who could fit the poor beast with the latest commercial-grade servers.

Whatever your morbid passion, it seems there's someone out there ready to capitalise on your twisted concepts and exploit them for personal gain. I think she should team up with Apple and produce some special-edition Mac Pros, fitted in a specific animal to celebrate Apple finally releasing Leopard later this year...

Check out Compubeaver at McMahon's Web site or check out PCs that don't defile corpses on ours.