How to put your videos on a Kindle Fire

Learn how to transfer your own MP4 video content to an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and play it, without installing any additional apps.

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Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire tablet is an outstanding portable video player.

With it, you can purchase movies and TV shows from Amazon's video store, stream movies from Netflix, and dig through a trove of free movie and TV content during your one-month trial membership to Amazon Prime.

But what about loading up your own movies and playing them even when there's no Internet connection to be found? Well, it's easier than you think, but the process does seem to throw people--especially if you're new to Android.

In this CNET How To, I show you how to make your videos compatible with the Kindle Fire, how to transfer them, and where to locate them once they're on your tablet (hint: they're not in the Video menu).

Please note, though, that any movies or TV shows you've purchased through Apple's iTunes store use a protected video format that will not work on the Kindle Fire or any non-Apple device. The techniques described here only work on unprotected video content, such as home movies, unprotected video downloads (including video podcasts), and any unprotected digital video from other sources.