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How to improve your MacBook

MacBooks are great, but not perfect. However that doesn't mean you can't improve yours in significant ways.

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Thanks to an ever-evolving simple OS , good performance, and smart design, Apple's MacBooks are some of the absolute best laptops choices you can make today.

With that said, if you already own a MacBook and are looking to improve your experience, this week on The Fix we've got three ways to do just that in distinctly different ways.

First, Sharon Profis dives into performance and shows us exactly how to increase your MacBook's horsepower with one weird SSD trick. OK, it's not all that weird and it's not really a trick, more a procedure. Trust me, it'll make more sense after watching the video.

Then, Donald Bell shows you how to spruce up your MacBook with some easy-to-apply decals. And finally, if you've ever been disappointed with your speakers, I'll show you a simple, effective way to enhance them.