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Microsoft Cortana's new feature makes you keep your promises

Windows 10's digital assistant can scan your emails -- if you let it -- and suggest reminders so you don't forget any commitments you've made.

"I'll get you an answer tomorrow."

"I'll have those figures to you by EOD."

"I'll get you that report on Friday."

With the constant barrage of emails, your promises to do one thing or another can get lost in the shuffle. Enter Cortana. You may already use Windows 10 ($148 at Amazon)'s digital assistant to set reminders for yourself, but now Cortana will take a more proactive approach to preventing things from slipping from your to-do list and through the cracks.

Microsoft announced on Thursday that Cortana can now scan your emails for promises you made and remind you before they're due. To make these "suggested reminders," Cortana uses machine learning to recognize promises you've made that have a date attached to them.

If you want Cortana to scan your emails, the assistant will help you keep up your appointments.


Cortana's new email-scanning feature is rolling out now to Windows 10 and will arrive on iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Currently, you must use an Outlook.com or an Office 365 school or work email to use the feature, but support for additional email services is coming soon, according to Microsoft.

Suggested reminders setup

To get started with Cortana's suggested reminders, you'll need to connect your Outlook.com or Office 365 account to Cortana. To do so, open Cortana and click to view the Notebook view. From here, click Connected Services to connect either type of email account.

Cortana's suggested reminders will then alert you before the deadline of a commitment you made. These reminders will show up on the Home view of Cortana as well as the Action Center.

The feature hasn't rolled out to everyone yet (my own email test didn't appear to trigger the feature). If you don't see Cortana's suggested reminders yet, be on the lookout for them soon.

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