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How to change watch faces on the Moto 360

Motorola preloads six sexy faces, but new users may have trouble finding them. Here's how.

This is the watch-face-selection menu. But how do you get there? Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Motorola's eagerly awaited Moto 360 watch has arrived, and while the initial reviews are mixed, one thing is certain: There's nothing cooler than swapping watch faces to suit your mood.

Indeed, that's always been one of the big selling points of the Pebble, which offers a wide assortment of stock and user-designed faces. On that device, though, you simply press a button to flip among your installed selections. On the Moto 360, it's not quite that straightforward.

In fact, as a former Pebble user myself, I expected to be able to simply swipe left or right from the current watch face. But the 360 doesn't work that way, at least not until you invoke a shortcut.

The slow way of accessing the many faces of 360 goes like this: With the screen active (either by gesturing with your wrist or tapping it), tap the screen to bring up Google Now, then flick up to access the menu. Scroll to the bottom until you see Settings; tap it, then scroll again until you find "Change watch face." Tap that, then choose the one you want.

But as CNET's Jason Cipriani points out in his tutorial on changing the watch face in Android Wear, there's a much faster option -- and it works with the Moto 360.

With the watch face lit, tap and hold until you feel the watch vibrate. Presto: there's the same scrolling menu of available watch faces. Swipe, tap, done.

Thankfully, you're not limited to the stock faces supplied by Motorola. The Google Play Store is home to a growing selection of Android Wear-compatible faces, though not all of them were designed with the 360 in mind (i.e., round).

What's your favorite third-party face?