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How does the iPad Pro stack up as a laptop replacement?

CNET Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle has been using Apple's 12.9-inch tablet as his main computing machine -- here's what he learned.

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"Why would you buy a PC anymore?" said Apple boss Tim Cook, ahead of the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple's gigantic, powerful tablet that -- the company asserts -- could replace your laptop. Do those claims stack up? CNET Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle has tried using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, and offers his findings in the video above.

Measuring a whopping 12.9 inches on the diagonal, the iPad Pro is Apple's biggest tablet yet. As well as being big enough to eat your dinner off, the iPad Pro sports optional accessories in the shape of a fold-out keyboard and a stylus, which Apple coyly dubs the Pencil. Hit play to find out whether those extra bits of tech are meaningful accessories, or nothing more than gimmicks.

We've given the iPad Pro the full review treatment, calling it "a killer creative canvas with laptop-replacement dreams". Apple's latest slate goes toe-to-toe with Microsoft's Surface tablets, the latest of which we recently crowned "king of the tablet PC hill."

With number-crunching analysts anticipating that tablet sales for 2015 will drop by 8 percent compared to last year, manufacturers need to cook up something truly special to tempt shoppers to part with their cash. If you're in the market for a glossy new tablet or ebook reader this festive season, be sure to point your peepers at our seasonal gift guide.