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Weird contraption turns your hoverboard into a hover-seat

When standing on a hoverboard just takes too much effort, you can turn to the seated comfort of the Hoverboard Cart attachment.

Hoverboard Cart
The cart will be available in red, blue and black.

Two-wheeled hoverboards may simultaneously be some of the most maligned and most coveted gadgets on the market. The small rolling platforms have been implicated in a series of battery fires. Amazon stopped selling them. And yet you still see people zipping around on them. Now there's a bizarre accessory that lets you sit and roll.

The Hoverboard Cart comes from inflatable boat retailer BoatsToGo, which seems very fond of advertising its wares with the help of bikini models. The cart is essentially a two-wheeled frame that clamps to the center of a hoverboard, making it into a front-wheel-drive, four-wheeled vehicle.

The Hoverboard Cart is pretty much a blank slate. You can slap a lawn chair on it. You can put a cooler on it and then ride along in that rolling cooler. BoatsToGo says the cart works over grass, gravel and packed sand so you can laze your way through your next beach vacation.

BoatsToGo's strange contraption might actually come in handy for more than just hauling your beer and your butt. It could inspire some adult-size DIY Mario Kart builds. Why should kids have all the Mario fun?

You might look at the HoverCart, contemplate it for a moment and then declare, "That's ridiculous!" And you would be right, but enough people looked at it and said, "I want one!" to help the first run of the product sell out. Now you have to get on a waiting list for the $69 (about £48, AU$88) creation.

In the meantime, you'll just have to suffer through standing on your hoverboard and hoping it doesn't catch on fire.