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Hot water for tea, anytime, anywhere

The Zojirushi CV-DYC40 Super VE Hybrid Water Boiler & Warmer features a removable cord and battery-powered warming. Easily transportable, the tea accessory is perfect for tea drinkers on the go.

Hot water to go.
Hot water to go.
Sur La Table

Tea drinkers are a specific bunch. Just the choices available for types of tea can be overwhelming. From oolong to puer, there is a variety for every palate, and that doesn't even account for how one might take it. With all these choices available it may seem like there is no chance for tea drinkers to ever come together in anything resembling a consensus about anything, but they all do have at least one thing in common: water.

Without water, there is no tea, and without hot water, there is no hot tea. That's pretty simple stuff one may think, but that's not accounting for the myriad amount of ways that exist to even boil water. The Zojirushi CV-DYC40 Super VE Hybrid Water Boiler & Warmer not only efficiently boils water, but also it serves as a handy device for keeping the heated water hot and ready to serve.

A dedicated appliance for boiling water and keeping it tea-ready may seem like the pinnacle of convenience for tea-drinkers, but this unit takes it further. Featuring a dispensing system that can be operated by two AA batteries, or via a removable standard cord, the 4-liter unit can be used anywhere. With its vacuum-insulated electric hybrid keep-warm system, and the capability to heat water to a number of different temperatures, the water boiler/warmer is sure to make a splash with the tea set; it's even perfect for brewing individual cups for individual tastes.