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Holiday 2012: What's on your gadget wish-list?

If you could get Santa to bring you anything at all, what would it be? Find out my picks, then share yours!

The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0? Yeah, put me down for one of those, Santa.
The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0? Yeah, put me down for one of those, Santa.

The time for holiday shopping has just about come to a close. With just four days until the Big Day, all that's left now is to hope Santa got your letter in the mail -- and thinks you've been a good little gadget hound this year.

So, what did you wish for? What gadget are you most hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning? Something tablet-shaped, perhaps? Or maybe something boxy (or Boxee) that streams video? How about a Bluetooth speaker, or a new camera, or even that big TV you've been eyeballing at Costco?

Personally, I'm hoping for a Kindle Paperwhite. Much as I love regular tablets, I find that I'm too easily distracted by all their other functions (what, read a book when I can stream episodes of "30 Rock"?!). Plus, I like to read in bed, and most tablets are too bright (and occasionally too heavy) to make that comfortable.

I should also confess that although I've been a happy iPhone owner for the past several years, I've developed strong feelings for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3 I've been test-tapping the past few weeks. I still have a few quibbles with Android, but, man, that is one sweet phone. My wish would actually be to run iOS on a phone with such a big, beautiful screen and some of those sweet futuristic features.

All gadgets need power, right? So put me down for a Powerbag, which packs a big ol' rechargeable battery with cables for recharging your gear on the run. Two parts practical, one part cool.

This may sound crazy, but I'm so enamored of my 10-year-old's recently built Lego X-Wing, I kind of want one for myself. It's not quite a gadget, but it definitely appeals to my inner geek.

Speaking of which, ThinkGeek is home to lots of goodies I'd love to get. Like, say, the Customizable Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. And Portal 2 Test Chamber Stickers. Pretty much anything related to Portal.

Finally, I'm dying to get my hands on one of those Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadcopters, though I'm hoping Santa can find a good deal on one -- $300 seems a little steep for an RC helicopter, even one as cool as that.

So those are my dream picks for December 25. Now hit the comments and tell me yours. Don't pull any punches -- wish big!

In all seriousness, if I could have one single wish, it would be to magically undo all the recent tragedy involving the name "Sandy." I'd give anything for that.