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¡Hola Alexa! Amazon's assistant will speak Spanish in the US later this year

Eventually, Alexa will have full Spanish language support.

Amazon Echo devices

Spanish language support is coming to a wide range of Alexa devices.

Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

If you speak Spanish or want to learn, Amazon's Alexa will soon be able to help.

Alexa will be able to speak Spanish in the US later this year, Amazon said in a blog post on Monday. The company launched a new voice model so developers can build skills for Spanish-speaking users in the US using the Alexa Skills Kit. 

In addition to the voice model, Amazon plans to have full Spanish language support for Alexa devices at some point in 2019. Amazon's digital assistant was already available in Spanish in Mexico and Spain. 

Developers in the US can request early access through the invite-only Alexa Voice Service developer preview, according to Amazon. 

"Along with the Echo family of devices, later this year Bose, Facebook, and Sony will bring Alexa Built-in devices and Philips, TP Link, and Honeywell Home will bring Works with Alexa devices that support Spanish in the US," Amazon said in the post.

Smart speakers like Amazon's Echo are part of a growing number of devices helping consumers fashion smart home living.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to request for additional comment. 

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Originally published April 30, 6:42 a.m. PT.
Update, 1:25 p.m. PT: Adds that Alexa was already available in Spanish in Mexico and Spain.