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Hodor door stops, if you can quit bawling long enough to use them

This product inspired by the latest big "Game of Thrones" plotline is practical, but probably can't hold back the White Walkers.


Warning: Spoilers from the latest episode of "Game of Thrones" are coming.

Need to hold a door? Oh, "Game of Thrones" fans, we can't even say it without welling up. But it's a fact: sometimes you need to prop a door open so the kids in your second-grade classroom can all file inside. Or prop it closed, so your tabby cat's litter of newborn kittens won't get out. Or maybe to keep an entire army of White Walkers and the creepy corpses they control out of your cave. You know, normal life stuff.

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If you are in need of such door-holding prowess, you could turn to the gentle 7-foot-tall giant you've known since childhood. But if you don't have one of those hanging around, perhaps because his previous attempt at such door-holding came to a sad end on Sunday's episode, you can instead buy a Hodor Door Stopper on Etsy for $30 (about £20, AU$42). Because winter is coming -- and anyway, who has time to keep letting those direwolves in and out?

(Via Mashable)