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Hey, Lego! Here are a dozen new kits worth the bricks

For some time now, Lego's been taking suggestions for new builder kits. Crave's Eric Mack has collected a dozen that should be expedited to toy stores everywhere.

Did Lego get away with murder when it rejected this set idea? flailx/Lego Ideas

You know you've crossed the threshold of the pop culture elite when you or your characters have been re-created with a variety of multicolor interlocking plastic bricks. Yes, I mean the Lego treatment.

To help keep up with the public's demand for seeing their favorite sci-fi, comic book or even real-life heroes in brick form, Lego has run its own "Ideas" site for some time now where anyone can design and suggest their own Lego set ideas as potential candidates for mass production.

Suggested kits need to get 10,000 votes for Lego to consider them for market. Of course, public demand is just one of the factors Lego takes into consideration and there have been many devastating rejections, like the no-go given to the creator of a Sherlock-based set recently.

I've scoured not just the Lego Ideas site, but also the wider Web for the 12 best Lego set ideas that I would green-light right away if I were Lego God.

Scroll through the gallery below and let us know in the comments what else deserves to be immortalized in Lego.