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Matt Elliott/CNET

Here's the trick to add an AirDrop folder to your Mac's Dock

You can't add AirDrop to the MacOS Dock. Or can you?

AirDrop is the fastest and easiest way to shuttle files and photos between iPhones ($330 at Amazon) and Macs. I use it to send screenshots from my iPhone to my Mac. I use it less frequently to send files from my Mac to my iPhone or another Mac, and each time I do, I dig around for it before giving up and using Spotlight to open it. AirDrop is strangely omitted from the MacOS Dock, and there's no clear way to add it. Thanks to this How To Geek post, I discovered a roundabout way to add an AirDrop icon to your Mac's Dock for even faster and easier AirDropping.

Here's how:

  • Open Finder, click Go in the menu bar, and choose Go to Folder.
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET
  • Enter /System/Library/CoreServices/ and click Go.
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET
  • Drag the AirDrop icon from the Finder folder to your Dock and drop it.
Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Now, you've got a super-fast way to open an AirDrop window to quickly send files from your Mac.

And for the record, the fastest way to open AirDrop -- without adding it to your Dock -- is to use Spotlight, ask Siri, or open Finder and then click AirDrop in the left panel.