Here are the Chromebooks and big Chrome OS news from CES 2022

There are a few sweet new Chromebooks coming this year and Google's adding some new features to make using them even sweeter.

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HP's Elite Dragonfly Chromebook looks like a winner for hybrid workers.


When it comes to CES, the most exciting announcements are usually centered around new devices that are expected to be released in the coming year. For Chromebooks at CES 2022, while there was some new hardware announced, the best news was Google's plans for new features coming to Chrome OS later this year. 

For example, a new Fast Pair feature will make it easier for Android phone users to set up a new Chromebook by quickly transferring over all of the information like your Google login and your Wi-Fi password. Also, while you can currently unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone, you'll also be able to use a Wear OS smartwatch to unlock it as well. 

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Also, the Phone Hub feature on Chromebooks is being expanded to do more. You can currently do things like view and respond to chat notifications, toggle Do Not Disturb, set off the ringtone to find your phone or continue browsing recent Chrome tabs. You'll be able to access your Android phone's chat apps on your Chromebook and access to your Camera Roll, even if you're phone is in another room than where you're working. Check out all the details on Google's CES 2022 announcement for Android and Chrome OS.

There wasn't a huge number of Chromebooks announced for CES 2022 -- just five by my count, and three were from Acer. But what we got looks pretty good, especially HP's Elite Dragonfly Chromebook which might be the premium Chromebook to beat this year. And in amongst Asus' bevy of ROG gaming and Zenbook laptop announcements was the Chromebook Flip CX5 that looks like it'll be amazing. 


HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook

This premium business Chromebook is modeled off of HP's ultralight Elite Dragonfly for Windows. The Chrome version, a convertible two-in-one, weighs in at 2.8 pounds (1.3 kilograms) and has features that will make it perfect for hybrid work like a 5-megapixel webcam with a shutter that blocks it when you want some privacy. HP will also offer its integrated privacy screen for the display to help stop people from seeing what's on your screen from off-angle. 

It's also the world's first Intel vPro Chromebook giving it IT and security features that are even better than the strong protection Chromebook Enterprise already offers. 

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Acer Chromebook Spin 513

The Spin 513 is a two-in-one with a 13.5-inch 2,256x1,504-resolution display with a 3:2 aspect ratio which means less scrolling when you're trying to get work done. Inside you'll find an octacore MediaTek Kompanio 1380 processor, up to 8GB of dual-channel memory and up to 128GB of eMMC flash storage. 

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Acer Chromebook 314

The 314 is a widescreen 14-inch model expected to start at $300 when it arrives in June. Made for students, it'll have either an Intel Pentium Silver N6000, Celeron N4500 or N5100 processor, up to 8GB of dual-channel memory and 64GB or 128GB of eMMC flash storage. Acer also used an OceanGlass touchpad that's made from plastic waste and has a glass-like texture.

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Acer Chromebook 315

The 315 trades a little mobility for screen space; instead of the 314's 14-inch display, it has a 15.6-inch display. It still only weighs about 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms), though, and with the extra screen space you get a full keyboard with a number pad. 

It'll be available later in January starting at $300.

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Asus Chromebook Flip CX5

While there have been several 15.6-inch Chromebooks available, this is the first I've seen with a 16-inch 16:10 display, and it's a two-in-one no less. Asus dropped in a 12th-gen Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of memory, so this thing should have great performance. Plus it has a full-HD webcam with a privacy shutter, which with everything else in it should make this an excellent pick for business or school. Asus didn't say when it will be available or pricing but I would expect this premium model to be up near $1,000.