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Head of Norton AntiVirus uses a Mac?!

It appeared the head of Norton AntiVirus was ducking the virus threat to Windows PCs completely -- by using a Mac

I'm making a habit of seeing things I'm not supposed to. I once went to South Korea and Samsung's marketing guys accidentally told me they were considering quitting the laptop market. Another time, an Asus rep told me the company had built a prototype tablet PC for Apple.

This trend continued last week when I sat down with Rowan Trollope, senior vice president of consumer products at Symantec. He spoke very eloquently about the merits of Norton AntiVirus 2009 and how Symantec was trying desperately to change the negative image of Norton as a resource-hogging, user-bothering nuisance.

I've tried his new software, and -- for the most part -- I agree it's pretty good. But during our meeting, I couldn't ignore the fact he was using an Apple MacBook Pro. For all his hyperbole about how incredibly safe Norton keeps Windows PCs, it appeared Trollope was ducking the virus threat completely -- by using a Mac.

You've got to wonder why. Is it because he doesn't trust Norton enough to keep a Windows PC safe? Or is he so tired of anti-virus applications intruding on his daily computing activities that he's switched to a platform where he doesn't need AV software? What's wrong with a Dell?

Trollope politely explained that he'd chosen a Mac because he prefers the platform's "ease of use" and "elegance". I'm assuming he's referring to OS X's spangly graphical user interface, and not the Mac's innate ability to dodge malware.

It does make you wonder -- if the guy responsible for pimping AV software prefers Macs, maybe we should too.