Hawking Media Centers at the Easter Show

As the people aren't flocking to Media Center PCs, HP has decided to take Media Center PCs to the people.

Media Center PCs were first introduced in Australia in 2004, but thus far, they've failed to capture the imagination -- not to mention the pocketbooks -- of Australian consumers.

That's not to say that they haven't been around, it's just that few people understand why they would want or need a PC connected to their home entertainment system. But with the launch of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, which has Windows Media Center built-in to its Home Premium and Ultimate versions, as well as vendors designing more lounge-friendly PCs, we just might see renewed interest.

HP is doing its part, believing people have to see a Media Center system in action to "get" it. The company kitted out a big trailer with five networked PCs and an Xbox 360 and took it to Sydney's Royal Easter Show, where tired families could get out of the heat for a few minutes, play with HP's new TouchSmart PC and then sit down to watch a Media Center demo (and the new Shrek trailer) streamed from the network to an Xbox 360 in the 'Entertainment Central' lounge.

If you didn't get to the Easter Show -- or Moomba, or one of the other events on the HP Entertainment Central tour -- watch our video to see what you missed.

HP Entertainment Central

Crowds line up to enter HP's Entertainment Central at Sydney's Royal Easter Show